Thursday, November 20, 2008

As the economy gets worse, I see more people getting better at understanding the plight of those in need.

empathy  (noun):
identifying oneself with an object or another person


Anonymous said...

Let's all face it the news really directs what we see. When times are good, we talk about how to get richer or what big car really is best. When times are better we talk about how to get that extra mile out of our underwear.
Crude Oil is trading at $49.65 a barrel, when times were just getting bad and the price was high we only heard speculation about how it will be over 200. Now the news really doesn't mention the price because, we still can't afford gas to fuel our needs - that is empathy.
Anonymous #2

Anonymous said...

That's a shame and analogous to those who don't treasure each day until they have a near-death experience. Short-cut the process and be compassionate and feel blessed everyday.