Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it me or is the emoticon smiley face so much friendlier with a nose?

Any nose.


Unknown said...

It's not you. We're all friendlier with a nose! :+) !!

David Pitkin said...

Friendlier right side up?

(^_^) or winking (^_~)

Missy Fitzgibbons said...

I find the bulbous options in #1-3 disturbing. But you're on to something with #4-6. The pointy-nosed one reminds me pleasantly of Dennis the Menace's dad.

Lisa Hickey said...

I know people who think smiley faces are stupid. I use them anyway. I like people to know I'm happy. :)

I agree with missy -- bulbous = bad. I sometimes find that if someone (like David or gisel's examples) uses their own particular brand of smiley that I start associating that with the person's traits.

Not that I think about this stuff way too much or anything. :=)