Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Everyone's a comedian.

This is a popular saying, but it's not true. If it were, McDonald's would serve breakfast until 2pm and 80% of the population would be borderline alcoholics.* Oh yeah, and everyone would be funnier.

*This in no way reflects on my brother, Roy Johnson, who is a comedian and is not a boderline alcoholic.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone is a comedian.

Know who's not? Most of these guys:

Anonymous said...

.No one really wants to be a comic. A comic’s life is constant repetition of conflict, complaints, and self-gratifying ego stroking. It's like living your life in side of a 24-hour news channel, except for the point when you get up in front of a group of strangers, strip down naked and say, "Judge me".
Also, its a bit of a misconception to say we sleep till 2. Mostly we like to get up early, go to Starbucks, and watch the real people go to work. Morning is a good time when you don't have to be anywhere till 8pm, and the self loathing doesn't start till noon.