Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I would like a windmill powered car.

A tiny windmill on the hood. Think about it. The wind is already there. Could someone jump on it, please?


I am Pippin said...

Ask your hubby about my great idea for a car with huge metal plates on them that would crush anyone driving too slow or just in my way.

It would rock!!

Mike said...

I hate to crush your dream, but a windmill powered car is simply another form of perpetual motion machine. It's mathematically guaranteed not to work.
The wind is not "just there". The wind is there because the car is moving forward. If the car had a little windmill, then the amount of energy you get from the windmill would be less than the amount of energy the engine would burn to overcome the air resistance. The windmill costs more energy than it makes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was just explaining this idea to my husband!!! I google'd the idea and KABLAM, here you are wanting. I think I can do it. lol... seriously. I'm on it. I'll keep you posted.

I see the comment from Mike... how about several windmills, and they would be windmills like gears on a bike. They would produce more power as the car is moving forward. ELECTRIC car that is. Keeping the battery charged at all times. Otherwise... with an electric car, you would need charging stations throughout the U.S. At hotels, restaurants, anywhere you could possibly stay for hours. So a charged car at all times is the goal.

love that you're thinking about it.

Amy Flanagan said...

Yeah, Mike. See Anonymous has the answer!! Or maybe just the dream.... Let's keep on it!