Saturday, January 17, 2009

I just ate soybeans that were made to look and taste like a burger.

Nobody ever makes beef look and taste like a soybean.


Doug G said...

Oh my God, Amy... don't do it! They're made of people!!!
Oh, wait. I just reread your post. You said soybean, not soylent.
My mistake. Sorry.

Kansas Bob said...

That was so funny Amy!

Amy Flanagan said...

Thanks, Bob.
Funny you should say that Doug, because I think about Soylent every time I eat a veggie burger. No kidding.

Ronan said...

Have the veggie burger at Houston's. I actually prefer it to the real burger... and I love to eat dead things.

Michelle said...

Veggie burgers at Fuddruckers are also very good. Surprised me too. Still though, it's all just crap forced into a patty.