Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Going Oprah on your ass!" You heard it here first.

Like "going postal" only "going Oprah" refers to pummeling someone with tales of spiritual optimism and assurance that the universe is aligning to make you the best darn you you can be. Having someone "go postal" or "go Oprah" on you can be equally as traumatic.

ex: "When I told my sister about getting towed the same day I found out my husband had run away with the mailman and "Friday Night Lights" was being cancelled, I really just wanted to split a bottle of Jack Daniels. Instead she went all Oprah on my ass!"


cardiogirl said...

Oh. So. Perfect.

I did hear it here first.

Laura said...

So you are a die-hard FNL fan too?

help save the show - it looks like they might actually cancel it :(

Anonymous said...

Oprah gets on my last nerve lately.