Monday, November 19, 2007

Which came first, the noun "fly" or the verb "fly"?


Brianfoley said...

I'm certain it wasn't not the adjective "fly". (It means like wicked or totally rad.) It is a new term use by the kids today. Like that dance group called the "Fly Girls" I don't think they were called that because they had bugs all around them. When you say noun, I assume you mean the bug, not the zipper on pants. At any rate, my opinion is this order:
1. Verb
2. Noun (first bug, then zipper)
3. Adjective

Yianni Garcia said...

My friend Matt thinks the noun came first because people were able to see the Fly insects before they were able to figure out what it did. Fly. The Fly came and THEN we figured out that it Flew. Fly then fly.