Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things people have Googled and consequently ended up at this blog. Welcome.

lethargic rabbit
are vespas cool?
i can't find my cell phone in my house
whats another word for lethargic
the song that goes like I met my own lover in the grocery store
compare and contrast the use of irony in the gift of the magi
what's another word or another?
feeling sorry
imagine i don't deserve you
how long is too to dry my clothes
bob minihan
what does NFT mean
Am I right in assuming
my hot mailman
snowboarding lingo
my old lover blog
are vespas cool
i don't deserve you, but i deserve you

1 comment:

cardiogirl said...

I guess the question is: "Are vespas cool?" I have to go with no, but that's just my opinion.

It just seems that your readers are begging you, via word searches, to answer the question.