Tuesday, July 31, 2007

nft. wtf?

On a recently recieved email, the subject line reads: I like your blog. //nft.
Baffled by the nft, I quickly open the email. Nothing's there. I spend 15 minutes racking my brain as to what nft could mean. I'm stumped. I spend another 10 minutes trying to figure out what it could be if the middle word isn't f$%# or f$%#ing. Still nothing. So I reply to the sender and ask what nft stands for. Hours go by in which I am unable to completely focus on what I'm doing because n, f and t words are racing through my brain. Finally she replies. It means "no further text", thus saving me all that time of clicking on the email and discovering the horrifying news for myself.



ml said...

I remember WTF didn't really catch on for me until this came out
The End of the World

Lisa said...

I was completely baffled by wtf. Racked my brain until I finally said to myself "what the f&%! does wtf mean?"

mamuwe said...


Amy Flanagan said...

I'm smarter now. I just googled that one!

Anonymous said...