Thursday, August 12, 2010

As I walked into the airport terminal he jumped out of the car, ran to me and hugged me as if he never wanted to let go.

It was just like in the movies. Except he was eight.


Janet Dillon Robinson said...

hahahaahahah so funny :D

Kim Lowe said...

oh man, I'm totally a ball of mush now. very, very sweet!

Gisela said...

Hug that boy right back -- for as long as he'll let you, and for as long as he'll let you. 15 minutes. 15 years.

My HS graduate is leaving soon, and I'm remembering all those never-let-go hugs, with a huge smile on my face ... and a tender tear in my eye. Time zooms by. Those hugs are the only way to stop it ... for a moment.