Thursday, January 7, 2010

Road trip wisdom: There is a reason they call Missouri the "Show Me State".

This from a rest stop in Missouri.

My apologies to anyone who saw these road trip posts on Twitter. Some things are just really worth sharing. Apparently.


Chris said...

Ha! Ha! Fantastic!

It's good to know some synchronised swimmers are too disciplined to pee in the pool.

Jayar (the 2 line blogger) said...

You should have planted signs reading
"His" and "Hers". I love equity.

Kansas Bob said...

Love the road trip posts.. this one hit home as I live a few blocks from the Missouri state line.. of course this pic was probably taken in the Ozarks :)

Amy Flanagan said...

Chris! Awesome.
Jayar: funny!
Bob: Spot on.