Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Before you have children you think kids ask, "Why is the sky blue?"
Then you have children and you find out they ask, "Why is the sky?"

I mentioned this on Twitter and @inakiescudero sent me this wonderful blog link:


Anonymous said...
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Jayar said...

Very nice, but I may have to expand my attention span to switch from your blog to hers.

Beth said...

Funny coincidences... you posted this on my birthday and I was just talking to someone about it. I knew we were in for trouble when our son's very first word was "Why?"

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

So what's the answer?

Barbara aka Layla said...

Now as the parent I'm the one asking WHY WHY WHY???????

Amy Flanagan said...

Jayar, I see your point.
Beth, HA! You are in trouble.
Michelle, I'm going to ask Sawyer next year.
Barbara, Wow. Yes. Most poignant comment ever on my blog. I think there are things none of us will ever understand.