Monday, August 25, 2008

It would be convenient to get hit by an ambulance.


R.N.D. said...

Bump, Bump.

"What was that!?!"

"Don't know, backup and see."

Bump, Bump.



Yep, I agree!! ;)

Mr. Shife said...

Well there is certainly no false advertising with the name of your blog. I love it. Very creative and funny too. I have nothing to add except that it would be ironic to get hit by a Dodge. Dane Cook joke when he was still funny.

R.N.D. said...

AF, you could change "If" to "It" and.... well, you know. :)

just a thought...

I still love reading your stuff.

Amy Flanagan said...

Thanks, RND! Can you believe my post is 10 words long and I still can't find the typos!

Mr. S: Thanks for the love! Please visit again. And thanks for the Dodge thought. He's such a clever little monkey.

-m3- said...

didn't expect to be this short though...=)