Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My goal is that eventually whatever you Google, you get to theshortestblogintheworld. Here are the latest Google entries that brought you here.

Welcome new readers. And thanks for Googling:
another word for impatient
shortest Catcher in the Rye notes
vote for prom king sayings
shortest lady in the world
hangman with words for six year old
tattoo cats
i want to read a blog
things people googled
how far should printer be from your desk
people who feel weird
"old lover" pregnant
"shut the #%^ up when you're talking to me"
shortest mother in the world
i wish i was there to help quotes
fellow countrymen definition
flies or fly which came first
was Tim Russert an organ donor


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Totally interesting!!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the last one. I came across your blog by googling "voodoo dolls"

don't ask.

steve said...

tim russert was an asshole

Amy Flanagan said...'re scaring me :)

Anonymous said...

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