Thursday, January 10, 2008

I like the airplanes I fly in to be perfect.

If my window shade is broken or magazine pocket is frayed, I wonder what else on the plane has seen better days.
That's why I love airplane bathrooms. I love how they are designed so the light comes on only if you lock the door, ensuring that you'll never forget to lock it. And even if you do forget and someone opens the door, the light is off! The shadow of darkness shields your dignity! Whenever I'm tinkling 35,000 feet over this great Earth I find myself hoping the engines, instrument panels and landing gear were designed with such great forethought.


Char Lyn said...

That may have been your longest post ever, but I loved it! Despite the humor, engineering elegance is very hard to come by...and most people don't even notice.

Brianfoley said...

What if the stewardess is not so bright?? Does that mean the Pilot is dumb too?