Sunday, August 26, 2007

Six things I learned on my summer vacation.

1. PMS + 6 year old son + Statue of Liberty = Not a grand day out in NYC.
2. Disneyland has nothing on Times Square.
3. Pinwheel cookies that have spent 20 minutes in the freezer are better than Pinwheel cookies that have spent 8 seconds in the microwave.
4. People start drinking early at Holiday Inn on a Saturday.
5. Delaware has a store called “Ham Radio Supercenter” right next to a store called “Gun Outlet.” They also have many stores called "Affordable Divorce." I don't know whether the three are related.
6. In a pinch, $6 wine from 7-11 will do.
7. My husband comes by it honestly.


georges said...

bonjour de belgique !

Anonymous said...

you mean 7 things?